To God be the glory. I congratulate you, the people of faith and hope, who have come to insist on the highest moral and ethical standards of our nation, with an insistence on the American dream being fulfilled. It is a joy to look in to your faces, the great American Rainbow Coalition. Here you stand representing the breadth and depth and power of the American experience. Your dreaming, your will to dignity, your will to inclusion, your will to a one big tent America has transforming and healing power. ... Read More
In addition, we coordinate and promote vintage and post-vintage style racing in Ontario; as do many other existing clubs across Canada with similar goals. Our rules are similar, but not restricted to, those outlined in the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association rulebook. By partnering with existing clubs across Canada, we endeavour to promote vintage classes and vintage racing similar to the Golden Era of off-road motorcycle racing which encourages casual competition, camaradarie and good sportsmanship. Racing is low-key! Focus is on restoring, riding and enjoying your vintage machine. ... Read More
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